Usher is eyeing the possibility of quitting his native America for another country in preparation for recording his next album.

The Yeah?! singer is still riding high off the success of his last album CONFESSIONS, but he now feels that he needs to leave his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia - and possibly even the US - to make his next record.

He says, "The more you live as a person, the more music you have to make... I need time to live a little, learn a little, and then I'll have more to talk about...

"I'm going on vacation, travelling around the world, going to see different things, meet new people. I want to get out of Atlanta, which is all about work for me. I want to be based somewhere else, maybe overseas. I don't know.

"I'm somewhat a product of my environment. When I go through things, or the people around me go through things, that's what I draw on.

"Say, if I hung out with you day to day, listening to you, hearing your issues, before you knew it, I might be writing about your story."