R+B heart-throb Usher was constantly in trouble when he was a young schoolboy - for looking up girls' skirts.

The 26-Yeah?r-old YEAH! singer, who has been romantically linked to ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS and Naomi Campbell in the past, developed a liking for the ladies from an early age - much to the horror of his schoolteachers.

His mother JONETTA PATTON says, "When Usher was in junior high, he used to get in so much trouble, and it was always something with girls - he was looking up their dresses or caught kissing!

"Don't let that little smile fool you: Whatever you told him not to do, that's exactly what he did. He always had a very strong personality."

Despite his naughty start, Patton insists that her son has grown into a man who holds a deep respect for the opposite sex, especially his mother.

She adds, "Being a single parent, I've been the mother and the father. People would say, 'Usher's a mommy's boy,' and he would say, 'You should really meet my mom. She's really cool.'"

04/05/2005 21:16