The fallout from the death of Usher's ex-wife's son has taken a turn for the bitter, unfortunately, as Tameka Raymond has had her lawyer file new documents that say the pop star - who flew back from a promotional tour to see Kile Glover in hospital - didn't care at all about the child and is apparently only pretending to be concerned to as to gain sympathy from the media and his fans, according to Tmz.
Kile Glover was of course struck tragically by a jet ski whilst playing in water in Atlanta, Georgia, an accident that he sadly never recovered from. At first it seemed like Usher and Tameka had reconciled over the incident, however if the latter is to be believed that is far from the case. The backdrop to Tameka's accusations is the court battle over custody of the two children the pair had whilst they were married, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond; Usher has requested for the next hearing regarding the case to be delayed, given the recent death of Kile, as he feels it would cause additional stress for both Tameka and himself. He's also worried that she'll get the decision in her favour because the courts wouldn't be able to go against a grieving mother.
However, this is being refuted by Tameka, claiming that Usher only visited Kile once during his 15 days in hospital, whilst he also refused to send a message on Twitter to his millions of followers about the stricken child. She wants Usher to appear at the next hearing, as scheduled, on August 13th.