Usher is nursing a broken heart, after he found R+B singer Jamelia is dating a British soccer player.

The Yeah?! star has been pursuing Jamelia for the last few months and was devastated when he learnt she's fallen for the charms of DARREN BYFIELD, who plays for UK team GILLINGHAM.

An insider says, "Usher and Jamelia have been friends for a while and he is totally smitten with her. He finds her to be great company and she makes him laugh.

"She has told him about her relationship with Darren. She wanted Usher to be one of the first people to know."

But Jamelia's news has only served to encourage Usher even more - he's now showering her with flowers and loved-up text messages.

The insider continues, "Usher is used to getting what he wants. He finds Jamelia all the more appealing because she is such a hard one to catch.

"He is always talking about what a beautiful girl she is and how much he admires her. He thinks they will be the perfect couple."

13/08/2004 02:42