R+B star Usher was forced to cancel several appearances in the Broadway musical Chicago over the weekend (ends08OCT06) after a bout of the flu. The singer, real name Usher Raymond, has been playing slick lawyer BILLY FLYNN in the production since 22 August (06). Fans lined the streets near the Ambassador Theatre in New York City each night demanding refunds after discovering Usher's understudy would be performing. According to entertainment news website TMZ.com, doctors ordered the singer to be on bed rest for the remainder of the week. He may not be able to return to the stage at all. Usher was originally scheduled to perform through 1 October (06), but extended his run until 14 October (06), which is also his birthday. The shows have been sold-out for weeks and Usher is reportedly the highest paid actor to play the role of Billy in Chicago. There is no word on whether he will make up the sick days and extend his Broadway run again.