R+B heart-throb Usher has slammed chart rival Justin Timberlake for failing to grab Janet Jackson's exposed breast and "enjoy it" at the SUPERBOWL last month (01FEB04).

Jackson and Timberlake's raunchy halftime performance horrified American audiences when the CRY ME A RIVER hitmaker ripped open Jackson's corset to reveal a bejewelled bosom.

Usher has criticised Timberlake's public apology for the incident, when he blamed a "wardrobe malfunction".

The U GOT IT BAD singer scathes, "Justin appalled me. He claimed he didn't know Janet was going to flash - of course he did.

"If he was a man he would have grabbed her boob, enjoyed it, admitted he knew about it."

And Usher admits he is baffled by his native country's reaction to the incident, which has lead to further censorship across TV and radio networks.

Usher says, "I don't know why America reacted so badly - it's a great breast and she meant no offence. I'm sure millions of men agree."

19/03/2004 02:40