Usher has slammed Justin Timberlake as a "follower" who doesn't have the originality to take away his crown as the 'King Of R+B'.

The YOU MAKE ME WANNA singer has spent the last two years working on his new album CONFESSIONS, out later this month (MAR04).

And the star is less than impressed with new kid on the block Timberlake's efforts.

Usher says, "I think when you guys put Justin Timberlake in the category of being a follower it shows that he can't be a leader. That's not good.

"It kind of worries me that everytime that question comes up, Justin Timberlake is taking the spot.

"I wouldn't want to be a follower, would you? I wanna lead in my own category. So I'll go ahead and put it out there if Justin hasn't already."

"There'll never be another Usher. There'll never be a spot filling if you know what I mean."

04/03/2004 13:47