R+B singer Usher and rapper Xzibit are locked in a vicious feud after the hip-hop star publicly cast doubt on Usher's sexuality during last week's (18NOV04) MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS in Rome.

The Yeah?! hitmaker is furious at the rapper's comments and the pair had to be kept away from each other by security to prevent a fight breaking out at a post awards party in a London club this weekend (19-21NOV04).

One source tells Britain's NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper, "Usher and girlfriend Naomi Campbell were shown to a table where X was sitting.

"It had been reserved for all the MTV stars, but Usher refused to sit with X.

"X humiliated Usher in front of millions at the MTV awards and Usher won't forget that in a hurry."

21/11/2004 14:36