SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and fellow hip-hop superstar Usher are locked in a furious row over who will have the biggest boat at this weekend's (29AUG04) MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS.

Combs is keen to impress the ladies with his enormous vessel at the Miami, Florida, ceremony on Sunday (29AUG04), but event organisers have banned him from upstaging his one time pal Usher.

A source reveals, "Everybody's fighting about who's going to have the bigger boat.

"Puffy just rented a 100 foot yacht and supposedly now MTV is like, 'You can't have a bigger boat than Usher, because Usher wants the biggest boat.'"

Meanwhile, reggae star Beenie Man won't be enjoying the party at all after the star was yanked from the gig by MTV bosses who fear his anti-gay lyrics will mar the event.

While the 31-year-old Jamaican singer has apologised for songs such as BAD MAN and QUEER MAN, his backtracking has not appeased MTV.

27/08/2004 14:17