The voice coaches who helped Usher, Bjork, Shania Twain and Kylie Minogue develop their vocal chords have opened up their secrets to the public with the release of a new DVD/CD package.

The ULTIMATE VOICE COACH shares techniques GARY CATONA and RON ANDERSON developed to improve the oratory delivery of a range of stars including Seal, Ozzy Osbourne, Leann Rimes, Shakira, Axl Rose and Tony Bennett.

Although Catona praises the "great range and endurance" Seal's voice now boasts, and likens the quality of Usher's vocal exercises to that of an opera singer, he isn't keen to take credit for Jennifer Lopez's singing abilities.

He says, "I didn't work with her that much. Her life is too busy, and she's going in a thousand directions at once.

"It's hard to keep her focused. I wouldn't say she's a full time student."

24/02/2005 14:37