Uri Geller isn't allowed to do the washing up because his wife won't let him touch the cutlery.

The 68-year-old star admitted he has managed to get away with some chores over the years thanks to his well-known spoon-bending talents because his wife Hanna - who he married in 1979 - won't let him anywhere near a knife, fork or a spoon in their house in case he uses his powers to change their shape.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he quipped: ''My wife will never let me touch any of the cutlery in our kitchen drawer.

''I'm not allowed to do the washing up!''

Uri is known for bending spoons through the power and strength of his mind, and he often goes out for dinner and hears shrieks from people in an eatery who are in shock because their cutlery has started to curl.

He added: ''Many a time when I go to restaurants things do happen around me, spoons do bend on other tables and people freak out.

''Customers go to have food and they don't even know I'm there and suddenly their fork or spoon starts curling.

''I was with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in his hometown and we sat down and there were about 12 tables in the restaurant and lo and behold, a woman screamed, she shrieked, 'My fork is bending.'

''We all jumped up and everyone's spoon and fork started bending in the restaurant. The prime minister will tell this story so it's not something I'm making up.

''Sometimes very bizarre and odd things happen. I smile and say, 'OK, it's the Geller effect.'

''I immediately tell them to relax.''

Uri is fronting the Kellogg's personalised spoon campaign and will be hosting a spoon bending master-class at Westfield London W12 on Saturday (24.01.15). To register for the event, email spoons@kellogg.com and to find out how to get your personalised spoon, go to http://www.spoon.kelloggs.com