Paranormalist Uri Geller has filed a lawsuit against the owners of Elvis Presley's first home, claiming breach of contract after they allegedly refused to sell him the property following an online auction. In May (06), Geller made a successful $905,100 (GBP481,000) bid on eBay for the Tennessee property Presley lived in before moving to Graceland. But the owners, CINDY HAZEN and MIKE FREEMAN, snubbed the deal and sold the four-bedroom house to a foundation formed by music producer Mike Curb. Geller's lawsuit, filed at Memphis Federal Court, is seeking a jury trial to annul the reported $1 million (GBP556,000) sale to Curb. He says, "We had the highest bid, but the seller has turned round and given the house to someone who offered them more money. "There was a strongly-worded statement on the eBay website that said the highest bid would win the house." Geller planned to turn the house into an Elvis museum.