Psychic Uri Geller hypnotised Michael Jackson to discover the truth about the child abuse allegations - and he was convinced by the singer's heartfelt denials.

Geller, a close friend of the THRILLER star, admits putting the troubled star into a trance may have been wrong, but he was determined to find out for his own peace of mind.

He recalls, "'Michael Jackson,' I said, 'Tell me with total honesty - what was the real story behind the allegations of sexual abuse made against you by JORDIE CHANDLER?'

"He answered without hesitation: 'It was all made up. His family just wanted my money.'

"'Why did you pay the family?' 'It was the easiest thing to do.' The statement was simple and unembroidered, made without sufficient pause to invent a lie. 'I couldn't take it anymore. I'd had enough.'

"'Have you ever touched a child or a young person in a way you shouldn't?' I asked.

"And he replied, 'Never. I would never do that. My friendships with children are all very beautiful.'

"While he was under hypnosis, I ordered him to forget I had ever asked. Maybe it was not ethical of me, but I had to know - and I believed what he told me."

Jackson was discovered not guilty of 10 counts relating to his child molestation trial on Monday (13JUN05).

19/06/2005 14:01