US rockers Unwritten Law have been forced to exploit legal loopholes to produce their Best Of album, after releasing their last six records on different labels. The SEEIN' RED group formed in 1990 and have built up a huge back catalogue of hits. However, efforts to release a single CD of their best tracks were almost thwarted when their succession of record labels raised objections. Singer SCOTT RUSSO explains, "Because we've been on so many labels, there was no way to contractually get them to agree to let us release these songs. So instead of fighting with people, trying to get the masters from them, we found loopholes where we could re-record the songs. This way it makes it fresh for us, and makes it fresh for our fans. It's a lot cooler to us to do it this way, and is fun. "We get to go back and rehash these songs and re-record them like we play them live. It all came together organically, but was inspired by legal issues with the record companies."