Guitarist ROB BREWER has been kicked out of Unwritten Law on the eve of the punk group's US tour with SUM 41.

In a statement from the group's record label, it seems the parting was far from amicable, and the band plans to continue with the tour, which starts in Buffalo, New York tonight (12APR05) without a replacement.

The LAVA RECORDS statement reads, "Volatile circumstances involving disputes (between bandmates), as well as interaction between Brewer and the fans" led to the decision to ask him to leave the group.

Frontman SCOTT RUSSO says, "It was an incredibly difficult decision, albeit the right thing to do given the recent circumstances.

"Rob is irreplaceable and we plan to continue as a four-piece. We wish him the best and remain confident that Unwritten Law will continue to make great music."

Brewer and Russo reportedly fought during a recent show in Anaheim, California.

12/04/2005 21:19