Unicef ambassador Angelina Jolie has been forced to cancel her participation in the OLYMPIC torch relay - in order to reshoot scenes for her latest movie.

The GIRL, INTERRUPTED beauty was due to carry the flame through the Greek city of Athens a day ahead of the start of the games, which kick off on 13 August (04).

Angelina - who is mum to adopted Cambodian youngster MADDOX - was to symbolically hold the torch on behalf of the world's refugees, with whom she has been working as part of her role at the UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSION FOR REFUGEES (UNHCR).

But, in a statement, UNHCR said Jolie would be detained by director DOUG LIMAN who is putting together extra scenes for thriller Mr And Mrs Smith, in which Angelina stars opposite Brad Pitt.

The statement reads: "Ms. Jolie was requested to be available in the US from August 10 onwards in connection with the re-shooting of a series of movie scenes."

22/06/2004 02:17