Underworld director Len Wiseman is already hard at work on his next supernatural thriller.

BLACK CHAPTER, sold to TOUCHSTONE PICTURES last year (02), promises to be similar in style to the vampire and werewolf action flick Underworld.

Wiseman says, "It's another big, kind of surreal, comic-book action film.

"We pitched it as The Sixth Sense meets La Femme Nikita."

Once again Wiseman has teamed up with scriptwriter Danny McBride to pen a screenplay.

He continues, "Danny and I like to mix genres together. We had never seen an action film that dealt with ghosts. Y'know, you've seen ghost films as thrillers and comedies and horror and so on, but we'd never seen a slick, high-energy ghost movie that was an action film, so we wanted to mix those genres together. It's about the FBI using ghost agents, and it's really, really f***ing cool!"

However those who are intrigued will have to wait a little longer. Wiseman explains, "We're halfway through the screenplay right now.

"I'm not completely locked in for directing it yet - we'll have to see how Underworld does, I guess! I don't imagine it would start shooting before March or April 2004."

29/08/2003 17:19