Una Healy insists The Saturdays will reform.

Although the girlband are currently on hiatus and the members are working on solo projects, Una is confident that they will make a pop comeback.

She told YOU magazine: ''We're doing our own projects for now. But we'll be back together again at some point.''

In March Una fuelled reports of strife in her marriage to rugby player Ben Foden when she changed her professional name from Foden back to Healy but she insisted that it was purely for work reasons.

She explained: ''I just wanted to go back to who I was before The Saturdays. I'll always be Mrs Foden at home and it was important to me to take Ben's name. Going back to Healy is just me returning to the original path I was on.''

And indeed Ben has inspired a number of songs on Una's solo album.

Speaking about her debut single 'Stay My Love', she explained: ''Some nights I'm with Ben and either he'll be leaving for a rugby tour the next day or I'll be leaving on a trip,' she says, 'and you want that night to last for ever. We do really miss each other when we're apart but we understand that we both have to be away for work and that we don't have the same structure in our lives that most people have. It is hard.''

'All You Ever Need is Love', was also partly inspired by Ben, with Una explaining. It's about having that person you can hug, who tells you everything is going to be OK.

''I think when he's warming up for games he's secretly listening to it. The album isn't an autobiography - it deals with universal emotions.''