Una Healy says becoming a mother has ''definitely changed her life for the better''.

The Saturdays singer - who has Aoife, four, and two-year-old Tadhg with her husband Ben Foden - is so thrilled to have two wonderful children and has revealed how much they have ''inspired'' her.

She said: ''It's definitely changed my life for the better becoming a mum - the love I have for them and the excitement I have for everything they're doing.

''They've inspired me in so many ways with my music and keep me wanting to do well in life to help support them and put food on the table.''

And Una relies on her fellow Saturdays members who have children to give her support and advice.

She added: ''When your child isn't well we support each other and call up. We never fall out of touch and when we're back together it's like we've never been apart. We know each other inside out.''

Una has been married to Ben since 2012 and whilst they are very happy together, they like to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

She told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: ''Because Ben comes from a high-profile sporting background, people have always asked us about our relationship. But it's not something I want to harp on about and try to pretend it's the best in the whole world, because like everyone else's it's a marriage and a partnership and you take the rough with the smooth. We're best friends though.

''We've been through so much together in eight years. We're very supportive of each other and love each other's company. I feel like we're the same person but we're so different at the same time, that's why it works. ''I don't want to go to showbiz parties all the time. I like to go to a few worthwhile events, but apart from that I love nothing more than to go to the pub or a friend's house party. I'm at home as a housewife as much as I can be. There are loads of mums in the area, which is really nice.''