Una Healy loves tucking Aoife Belle into bed.

The Saturdays singer tries to spend quality time with her 18-month-old daughter every day and says her favourite moment of the day is cuddling up with the toddler and reading her a bedtime story.

Una wrote in her blog for HELLO! magazine: ''Some days I'm really busy but if I can, I always try to get back around 9 o'clock to put Aoife to bed. I'm always delighted if I can do that after being away for the day, because at least I can see her while she's at least half awake. It's one of my favourite bonding moments with her, putting her to bed.''

The flame-haired 'Gentleman' singer and her rugby star husband Ben Foden are making the most of Aoife Belle's angelic behaviour by going out to dinner as much as possible before the terrible twos potentially hit.

Una said: ''It's been really nice to spend quality time with Ben and Aoife lately. Ben and I have loved taking Aoife out with us. We often go out for dinner once or twice a week and it's great.

''We can take her everywhere because she's so well-behaved - she's such a good girl and very sociable!''