Una Healy's family are coming over from Ireland to spend Christmas with her this year.

The Saturdays singer's parents and aunts will join her husband Ben Foden and their two children, Aoife, four, and 22-month-old son Tadhg, at their home in England to celebrate the festive season.

On her plans, Una exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''This year my parents and my aunts are going to travel over from Ireland to spend Christmas with us.''

In order to make things fair, the 35-year-old beauty has revealed she and her 31-year-old rugby star spouse alternate each year between spending the day with each other's relatives.

She added: ''We tend to rotate each year between my family and Ben's family because they spent it with us last year.''

Una will no doubt be joyous that they will be having a big family Christmas as when her daughter Aoife was born in 2011, she spent the day apart from Ben because they thought it would be the last year they could spend it with their own families.

At the time, Ben said: ''We decided to spend it apart, which will be hard.

''But we figure this is the last year we can spend it with our families.

''Una always goes back to Ireland and I go back to mine, but next year we'll try and get everyone together.''