After Uma Thurman's Buddhist father approved her ultraviolent new movie Kill Bill, she's convinced the Dalai Lama himself would enjoy it.

Robert Thurman is America's leading Buddhist professor, and a fierce anti-violence activist - but he loves his daughter's new

role in Quentin Tarantino's fourth movie.

She says, "He thought the movie was fantastic. He can distinguish between reality and fantasy. He's a smart guy.

"He's my greatest supporter. He loves me getting challenged and trying to do something good."

And Uma believes spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, a pal of her father's, would be equally entertained by it - and she's disappointed she missed the opportunity to show him the movie on his recent visit to New York.

She adds, "It's ironic. I would've loved to go see him more. He was teaching here, but I was promoting Kill Bill, my crazy, violent movie! It cut into my Dalai Lama time, but I did actually manage to see him in Central Park, which was really nice.

"I think the Dalai Lama would laugh his head off if he saw Kill Bill. "

09/10/2003 21:23