Uma Thurman's stalker has been arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order against the actress.

Jack Jordan - who was convicted in 2008 of fourth degree stalking and second degree aggravated harassment and ordered to seek psychiatric care as part of his probation - made a series of phone calls to the 'Kill Bill' star in October and when police went to his home in the US state of Maryland last week to arrest him, they found him on his computer typing Uma's name into Google.

After his arrest, Jordan was put under observation and will appear in court on December 21.

Uma made a complaint against Jordan in October after he broke the rules of his probation order, which forbids him from contacting her.

A source at the New York Police Department revealed that Jordan tried to phone the actress to warn her that her boyfriend financier ARPAD BUSSON "was not good enough" for her and that she should "marry" him. When he reached her assistant instead he reportedly demanded to know where Uma was.

The source said: "Uma had a criminal complaint prepared against this guy and filed on October 31. No arrests have been made, but he is wanted here. If he shows, he's getting locked up."

During his 2008 trial, Jordan - who had been found outside the star's home in Greenwich Village, New York - said he would have left the Pulp Fiction' beauty alone if he knew his behaviour was scaring her.

He said: "I heard things like, 'Would you leave?' instead of, 'Sir, you're making Ms. Thurman nervous. Please leave.'

"My greatest wish is that I had known sooner that I was putting fear into the heart of a woman I cared very much for."

Uma told the Manhattan State Supreme Court she was "completely freaked out" by Jordan and said his alleged harassment of her had been a "nightmare".