Uma Thurman says fame has made her ''crazy''.

The 41-year-old star - who is believed to be expecting her third child - is ''very grateful'' for her acting career and she has been ''re-grounded'' by recognising that her celebrity status has made her life different to the norm.

When asked if she's ever wanted to regain her pre-fame anonymity, she replied: ''Of course. But, for me, because I started so young, I have never had an adult life where I've know any different. I saw from early on that [fame] could make people crazy.

''It's probably made me crazy, but I've been re-grounded by recognising that. I'm very grateful for my career; I know what a blessing it is.''

The 'Pulp Fiction' actress is grateful for advice given to her by Norma Heyman - who produced one of Uma's first films in 1988, 'Dangerous Liaisons', which saw her star opposite John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer - when she let her know she would be ''spoiled'' throughout her career.

She added: ''I remember Norma Heyman saying to me, 'You have no idea how spoiled you will be from this experience'.''