Being a stunning leggy blonde apparently has not helped the actress Uma Thurman to attract attention from the opposite sex.

The 36-year-old Kill Bill star has been married twice  to fellow actors Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke  and is currently back dating her on/off boyfriend Andre Balazs.

But it seems that not everyone is as keen to be with the star, as she has admitted that she is chatted up "pretty rarely" and when she is the lines are of the cringeworthy rather than the flattering variety.

"I have heard quite a few [cheesy chat-up lines]," she said in comments reported by the Sun newspaper.

"The worst has to be, 'Has anyone ever told you that you look like Uma Thurman?'"

Apparently her lack of male interest has plagued her for years as she added: "When I was young no boy ever liked me."

Thurman recently admitted that she is considering quitting acting to become a full-time mum to her two children, Maya, eight, and Levon Roan, five.

19/02/2007 10:27:40