A former psychiatric patient who became obsessed with Uma Thurman was indicted yesterday (October 11th) on stalking charges.

Jack Jordan has been charged with attempted coercion, aggravated harassment and stalking after being arrested outside the US actress' home on October 5th, reports the Associated Press.

The 35-year-old man's lawyer asked for his client to be put under suicide watch and to receive medical treatment at the hearing.

According to the court papers, Jordan had been infatuated with the Hollywood star for several years and had tried in the past to give her notes, including a cartoon drawing of himself which showed him "walking along The Edge of a razor blade" while Uma was "digging a grave" for him.

The defendant had also tried to leave letters for the 37-year-old actress in her trailer, according to the criminal complaint.

"I feel afraid that if I see you out again with another man, I will want to kill myself, maybe even after we meet," wrote Jordan allegedly.

12/10/2007 13:29:38