Hollywood couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke are on their way to patching up their marriage after making a pact to spend more time together.

The couple were on the verge of splitting after Thurman found out about her husband's fling with Canadian model, JEN PERZOW, on the set of new movie Taking Lives, but now she's keen to forgive him and concentrate on saving their marriage.

A source says, "They recently made a pact to fly to wherever the other is every weekend. They're tired of spending so much time apart."

Meanwhile, Thurman admits the couple are trying to work things out, "It's difficult. There's no joy in trying to figure these things out.

"I have two small children and their well being is king, and the same for my husband. You have to keep it in perspective that his well being and his happiness are firmly in my interests.

"We share two children, some of the most precious times of my life and we'll just have to find a way to carry on and take care of our kids."

10/10/2003 09:06