Actress Uma Thurman is struggling to forgive her ex-husband Ethan Hawke after their bitter marriage split, because she no longer recognises him as the man she married in 1998.

KILL BILL star Thurman split from the Training Day actor last summer (04) amid reports of his infidelity. The couple's divorce was finalised in August (05).

And Thurman admits she faces an uphill struggle to befriend Hawke again, for the sake of their two children.

She says, "He's their dad, he's got to be a great guy and he's got to succeed in life and he's got to feel good about himself and I hope that he winds up there.

"I don't know how he feels at the moment... We don't have a lot of personal chats about how we're doing, not at the moment.

"It's very difficult because there's so much hurt feelings. You try to talk and you reach out... and it's clear there's a lot of unfinished damage and baggage and this stuff that's still in the way.

"I want to recognise him again. I want to see the guy that I married, I want to trust him and I want to feel good and comfortable again."