Actress Uma Thurman is set to go on another vengeful rampage, after signing up to play a woman scorned in the romantic comedy SUPER EX.

Thurman, who went on a worldwide killing spree in her Kill Bill movies, will star opposite Luke Wilson, who plays the man who dumps her - and pays the price.

The statuesque actress says, "I'm playing a grouchy superhero a woman scorned.

"I've always wanted to do a comedy, and nobody ever let me. I've been banging down the door. I love to laugh. It saves my life on a daily basis."

Wilson adds, "(She's) the female version of Superman for Manhattan. She's a little tough to be with in a relationship, so I break it off, and she starts using her superpowers against me.

"(Uma) seems tough, and when she does the girl thing being needy and clingy, it's funny because in person, she's not that way at all."

The movie starts shooting in New York City later this month (OCT05).