Uma Thurman is staggered by the responses she's had from women struggling with separation and divorce after revealing all about her split from actor Ethan Hawke on pal Oprah Winfrey's TV show last year (05). The usually private actress stunned fans when she spoke candidly about her thoughts and feelings following her marriage split on US TV - and she's still coming to terms with the impact her words and advice had on other depressed ex-wives. The KILL BILL star made a return to the OPRAH show on Friday (26MAY06) to promote new movie SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND and was surprised when the host read letters she had received thanking Thurman for speaking about the pain of divorce. One woman, JAMIE, from Bloomington, Indiana, wrote, "I realised that peace and strength will come with time," and another, ANGELICA, from Los Angeles, added, "You made me realise that it's OK to be confused and challenged as a working mom. Thank you for being so courageous." Thurman said, "It's deeply gratifying... It's something I don't particularly like to talk about and don't choose to because it's not a short subject. "It's too complex and (there are) too many contradictory emotions." Thurman also met a fan, called MAXINE, who used the actress' Kill Bill character THE BRIDE for strength to help her battle cancer, calling on the sword-wielding heroine to kill off her disease as part of a daily mantra.