Movie star Uma Thurman is struggling with the end of her five year marriage to Ethan Hawke, now their divorce is official.

In a candid interview on Friday's (07OCT05) OPRAH show in America, the usually cool KILL BILL star, who divorced Hawke in August (05), fought back tears as she recalled the break-up of her marriage.

She told host Oprah Winfrey, "Half of America that gets married goes through what I've just been through and it's extremely hard and it's hard on the whole family.

"We were having a difficult time... Our marriage failed. I should take full responsibility for the failure of my own marriage.

"I had a child and went back into an incredibly demanding job and I think that put a huge amount of pressure on our marriage."

Thurman admits she still feels bitter towards her ex, but she's determined to work out a way of dealing with her feelings towards Hawke for the sake of their two children.

She adds, "Blaming anybody doesn't make you feel better and when you have two children, I think, that's such a priority to protect them and to never lose sight of the fact that, even if you're in a fight or even if things are going badly, it's in their best interests that everybody comes out OK, so there's no winning.

"You bear two children with somebody, that's not a small thing. And then you can hardly talk to them and you need to and your children need you to and so you work on it and he's made an effort and I try to make an effort."