Uma Thurman loves to watch her poorly received performances, because she can only improve herself as an actress by learning from her mistakes.

Thurman remains upbeat about playing POISON IVY in much-maligned 1997 movie Batman + ROBIN - even though her co-stars look back on it as a dark moment in their careers.

She tells British magazine HOTDOG, "I can't be responsible for the whole picture. Me and Poison Ivy, we had a good time. We got down, I liked my costume.

"And, though it didn't work for a lot of people, I loved the high camp that Joel Schumacher tried to blow the Batman franchise out on. It was really bold of him."

Kill Bill beauty Thurman has no regrets about starring in films mauled by movie critics because when she chooses more successful roles it proves her sound judgement.

She adds, "Whenever I look at the list of things I've made, I never really want to diss any of them. Are there mistakes? Are there things that were less than great experiences?

"Yes. But if you never make mistakes, you never get informed on your good judgement. I obviously, like anybody, learn more from my mistakes than from my luckier moments."

22/03/2005 22:06