Former ULTRAVOX frontman Midge Ure is hoping to meet dance music star Moby for the first time when he tours America on the Retro Futura Tour later this month (Aug14) after collaborating with the hitmaker last year (13).

Moby reached out to the If I Was singer while he was working on his latest album Innocents and asked him if he'd be interested in teaming up.

Ure was working on his own new album, Fragile, and by the time he got to working on tracks Moby had sent him, the Porcelain hitmaker had completed work on the album, so the two stars agreed to work on music for the Live Aid hero's new release instead.

After months of emails and interactions via social media, the pair completed work on new track Dark Dark Night, and now Scottish star Ure is hoping to actually meet Moby on tour.

He tells, "He sent me a couple of tracks he was working on, one of which is the core of Dark, Dark Night. Although I was in the middle of working on Fragile I eventually did my thing to it, adding lyrics and keys and guitar - by which time he had finished and released his album.

"I asked much later if he minded if I include it on my album, as it then felt a part of what I was doing. It works seamlessly with the feel of Fragile.

"We have never met nor spoken, but I'm hoping to change that in the not too distant future."

Ure's Retro Futura Tour with Howard Jones, Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins and other '80s stars begins next week (19Aug14) in New York, ahead of a solo acoustic tour, which begins in Canada next month (Sep14).