Ulrika Jonsson doesn't think she'd ''be here today'' if it wasn't for her dogs.

The 51-year-old television presenter - who divorced her husband Brian Monet this month after 11 years of marriage - admits she suffers from depression and credits her pet pooches with helping her make it through her darkest days, as she says they're ''amazing for your mental health''.

Ulrika - who is mother to Cameron, 24, from her first marriage to John Turnbull, Bo, 19, from her relationship with Marcus Kempen, Martha, 14, whom she has with second spouse Lance Gerrard-Wright, and Malcolm, 10, with Brian - said: ''They're amazing company. I suffer from depression, and what dawned on me after a few years of having them is that I might not be here today if I didn't have those dogs. They're amazing for your mental health.''

The 'Gladiators' star has two English bulldogs, Nessie and Leo, and says the hounds help to ''alleviate'' her depression symptoms and keep her from feeling ''lost and hopeless''.

Speaking to Best magazine, she added: ''They force you to get up, take them for a walk every day, and often you meet people on that walk. It's that sense of responsibility. Nothing can 'cure' depression, but dogs alleviate it.

''Divorce is a whole other heartache! Depression is different. It doesn't matter if you live in a big house, or you're really fulfilled in life - it's moments that hit when you just feel lost and hopeless.

''Dogs give so unconditionally, I've always had a soft side for them. My dogs are always by my side - they've seen all the highs and lows.''

Ulrika announced she had been awarded a Decree Absolute in her divorce with Brian earlier this month, after having revealed they were splitting in April.

The star took to Instagram to share a picture of the email confirming her divorce, where she admitted her eyes had ''stung with tears'' when the documents were awarded.

She wrote: ''So this happened on Thursday.

''You know when you've waited for something for so long but it still catches your breath and your eyes sting with tears when it finally arrives.

''Obvs in my head I had checked out a long time ago but it was a little like living in Hotel California....

''So there it is. Amazing to think you have a gorgeous ceremony and 13 years together and it's all ended in an email.

''Overwhelming relief really. Because now I'm free to marry again!!! (Very jokes and lols OBVS). #newchapterforthisoldbird (sic)''