Former UB40 frontman ALI CAMPBELL has vowed never to perform with the group again - accusing his former bandmates of "demonising" him since his departure.
The singer - who fronted the band for 30 years - sensationally quit the group in January 2008 citing "management difficulties" for his decision.
Campbell's bandmates spoke of their "disgust" after he quit, fuming that he had decided to play all of the band's hits on his own solo tour.
But the star has now opened up about the reasons behind his decision, insisting he spent four years working up the courage to walk out.
And he admits he will never forgive his former friends for the way they have treated him since he left.
He says, "I would have died with UB40. It took me four years to come to the decision that I had to leave, but I became too disgusted with certain band members and the group's management to remain. I will never again play with the remaining members of UB40 while I live and breathe. I've tried to maintain a dignified silence but I've been demonised.
"They've attacked my wife. They've even said stuff about my kids. And these are my so-called brothers. It's been pretty disgusting and pretty cowardly."
And Campbell blames rows over money for making up his mind about going solo.
He adds, "I wanted to know where our money was going, but nobody was prepared to give me any answers. It was incredibly frustrating. That's when my so-called brothers started turning on me. There was one scheme they were keen to get involved in which would have seen us buying up repossessed property to sell on at a profit.
"I was disgusted. It was designed to make money from the misery of other people. It went against everything I ever stood for. It's heart-breaking. They've made a mockery of the music we made."
The Red, Red Wine hitmakers have replaced Campbell with his older brother Duncan.