Nearly seven million people went online to watch U2 live in concert yesterday (26.10.09).

The Irish band became one of the first major groups to stream an entire show live on the internet for free when they posted a video link-up to their concert at California's Pasadena Rose Bowl on YouTube.

Fans in 16 countries tuned in to the event, which saw Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. perform to a sell-out crowd of 96,000 as part of their 360 Degrees Tour.

As the group took to the show, Bono said: "Thank you Los Angeles. Thanks to everyone watching on YouTube all over the world - seven continents!"

He went on to describe the concert as a "space adventure", shouting: "Every horror movie needs a mad scientist and ours is just to my right - The Edge.

"He wants to boldly go where no guitar players have ever gone before. He's Mr Spock to us, he's The Edge to you."

Bono also described himself as "Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito with a little bit of Dennis Hopper thrown in".

The band played 24 songs, including 'Beautiful Day', 'Mysterious Ways', 'Vertigo', 'One' and 'With Or Without You'.

When the concert concluded, thousands of fans left messages of support on the video-sharing website.

The entire show will be repeated on YouTube at a later date.