The Irish rocker suffered multiple fractures and breaks to his left arm, elbow, finger and an eye socket when he fell off a bike in Central Park in New York in November (14), and he spent months recovering after undergoing an operation on his arm to insert metal plates and screws.

Despite undergoing physical therapy, Bono still cannot play the guitar so the group had to switch up the setlist and drop a track to get around the problem for their tour, which kicked off on 14 May (15) in Canada.

His bandmate The Edge tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Bono's guitar was crucial to a lot of songs, like in The Fly... He played a hugely important role so we are not doing that one on this tour. With other songs we've just tweaked parts... I miss his guitar playing a lot, particularly if I'm going into a solo but it's the voice that is crucial and Bono is singing great so there is lots to celebrate."

Their tour is set to run until November (15).