U2 guitarist The Edge stunned former THE SKIDS frontman RICHARD JOBSON when he contacted him about recording his 1970s punk track THE SAINTS ARE COMING - and the Scottish rocker was convinced he was the victim of a prank call. U2 and Green Day were keen to rerecord the anthem as a charity track for the victims of 2005 disaster Hurricane Katrina, and wanted to invite Jobson to London's famous Abbey Road studios to join them. Jobson recalls, "I was so sure somebody was taking the p**s. I was saying, 'Yeah, right, okay, sure.' "The Edge was quite startled by how blase (impassive) I was. Then it began to dawn on me - with deep embarrassment - this was The Edge." Jobson, now a successful film-maker, was soon put at his ease by the charming axeman. "He said, 'You know, good work never dies, it just goes to sleep for a while until somebody wakes it up.' "That's all I needed to hear. It made me feel so proud."