An Episcopalian minister from Maine has raised more than $60,000 (GBP30,770) for AIDS and poverty charities by turning regular services into U2 tributes. Rock fan PAIGE BLAIR staged the first `U2charist' service at her church in York, Maine in 2005 and now the eucharist twist has become a regular crowd-pleaser. The minister tells America's People magazine, "It brings in younger people and, frankly, they need it (religion) most." Blair admits she first came up with the idea when she realised U2's lyrics could be linked to worshipping God. She explains, "U2's music is undeniably spiritual in its call for justice." U2 star Bono is thrilled to hear his songs have inspired a whole service, stating, "If they play it in church, great. If they play it in the streets, great. As long as they play it and get the message."