Plans by the company releasing U2 3D, the rock group's concert movie, to expand the film on Valentine's day were shot through the heart Thursday when it appeared that Disney might want to use many of the same 3-D theaters to extend the run of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour. Disney had originally planned a one-week run at 683 3-D theaters for the tween concert film which begins today (Friday) -- but, with many of the screenings sold out, it reportedly now plans to expand the film into additional venues through February 15. Even though it is showing in only a handful of theaters -- compared to the thousands that the other major releases command -- the Miley Cyrus film is expected to dominate the box-office this weekend, especially since most adults will be at home watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. With tickets at many theaters selling for as much a $15-20 apiece, box office gurus are predicting that the film could take in as much as $20-25 million over the weekend. It reportedly cost $7 million to produce.