U2 have played a free gig to hundreds of fans in Cannes to mark the world premiere of their upcoming debut movie, which was filmed entirely in 3D.

The 90-minute film, titled U2 3D, is due for release this autumn, but journalists were given a 55-minute sneak preview at the French film festival in the early hours of this morning.

Shortly before though, Bono and the rest of the award-winning Irish band had delighted onlookers by playing hits Vertigo and Where The Streets Have No Name on the red carpet itself.

The unplanned set was in part to make up for the group missing Saturday's press conference due to plane troubles and being late for the preview itself at the Grand Theatre Lumiere.

U2 3D was shot during the band's central and South American Vertigo tour between 2005 and 2006, and aims to recreate the blissful atmosphere of an 80,000-strong gig with swooping camera shots and three-dimensional imagery.

Journalists emerging from yesterday's preview, who had been supplied with 3D glasses, gave a mostly favourable reaction to the film in its current state.

At a belated news conference, the film's executive producer Sandy Climan said: "Not every film will benefit, in my opinion, from 3D technology."

But he added: "I think when you have the choice of 3D and 2D, you will choose 3D overwhelmingly."

20/05/2007 18:42:29