Glasvegas will live "like 'The Waltons'" when they work on their next album.

The Scottish rockers are currently clearing their schedules to enter the studio to work on their new record and say they will behave like the clean-cut TV family to get the LP done.

Frontman James Allen said: "We're touring with U2 in summer, then Kings Of Leon in America, then I'm going to stay in Los Angeles.

"Going to put down the demos, got to buy a house, the band are coming over, we'll be like The Waltons."

The singer said writing for the album is going well and the group hope to release the record next spring.

He added: "I've been putting them all down and writing the ideas. I've got a typewriter and it's been quite nice to put down the words and all that.

"We'll do the demos and then we'll just record at Christmas-time or early January.

"Hopefully by the time the leaves are grown on the trees and the daffodils are starting to bloom, that's when out second child will be born."