U2 star Bono has slammed world leaders for "deliberately misleading" the world with their pledge to fight Aids and other diseases.

Speaking after the G8 summit in Germany, Bono told Reuters that he was "exasperated" that politicians had only announced a £30 billion pledge to fight Aids, malaria and tuberculosis, as many campaigners were hoping for much more.

"I think it is deliberately the language of obfuscation. It is deliberately misleading," he said.

"They have taken language hostage. We wanted numbers but this is burobabble."

The ELEVATION singer criticised the lack of a spending timeline which would increase costs and map out where the money was going, as well as the fact that the pledge did not apply specifically to Africa.

"We are looking for accountable language and numbers. I might be a rock star but I can count," he ranted.

Bono joined US president George W Bush before the three day summit on Wednesday, where the world leader said: "Where's Bono? Bono for president." He also called the political activist a "doer" and praised his efforts in tackling poverty in Africa.

08/06/2007 16:56:01