U2 rocker Bono has dismissed reports he upset neighbours at his New York apartment block, insisting his complaint over smoky fireplaces was about "health and safety". The singer, real name Paul Hewson, was reported to have annoyed fellow property owners at the prestigious San Remo apartment building in Manhattan after he complained smoke from other people's fireplaces was wafting into his penthouse suite. Leni May, the wife of building board member Peter May, reveals the rocker consulted them about the problem. She says, "Bono was so nice. He said, 'Listen, whatever I can do to get these things working, but it's emptying into my apartment and I can't have smoke like that.'" The rocker shares his apartment with his wife Ali and his four children, one of whom suffers from asthma. A spokesperson for his management firm, Principle Management, says, "This is not a Bono issue. It's a building issue. It's about health and safety regulations."