LATEST: U2 rocker Bono is confident the Spider-Man musical he is currently working on will dazzle audiences, because it will be "something the likes of which no-one has seen or heard". The singer is creating the Spider-Man production with his bandmate The Edge and director Julie Taymor, whose new film Across The Universe he has a cameo in. The U2 stars and Taymor are currently hunting for a New York theatre big enough to house their project, and Bono is already warning audiences to expect the unexpected. He says, "If we pull off what we're trying, it will be something the likes of which no-one has seen or heard. "It should be a hallucinogenic experience for theatregoers. You have the visual energy she (Taymor) brings. The myth of the arachnid and the elasticity of these characters - you can turn theatre upside down." And Bono and The Edge plan to bring a wide range of music to the production. Bono adds, "We've got some punk rock in there and some beautiful opera."