U2 frontman Bono feels embarrassed listening to his own music because he can always hear ways to improve it.
The Irish rocker admits he is a perfectionist and hates hearing the band's classic hits because he believes the songs would be much better if he re-recorded them.
He says, "I wince because of either what I think is an unfinished lyric or a vocal moment I don't like."
The One hitmaker finds it most difficult to play the band's 1987 hit Where The Streets Have No Name, claiming the lyrics he wrote were only meant to be a first draft but the producers thought they were perfect.
He recalls, "I thought they were fairly inane but in the studio (Brian) Eno and (Daniel) Lanois thought they were perfect. I told them they were only sketches and I could do much better. But Eno is all about capturing the moment so those words stayed. Now I have to sing them for the rest of my life and it's our most successful live song."