U2 frontman Bono is convinced his Spider-Man musical will be a success despite months of delays and safety fears, but he is prepared for failure if audiences don't warm to the blockbuster stage show.
The Irish singer wrote the music for Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark with his bandmate The Edge, but the production's opening has been pushed back several times amid rising costs and rigorous safety checks for the show's aerial stunts.
Bono admits the last few months have been a testing time for bosses behind the multi-million dollar spectacular, but he hopes the show will win over the public when it is finally launched in January (11).
He tells the Associated Press, "Is there jeopardy? Yes. Because it's technically very difficult. It has never been achieved before... The expense of it? A lot of it was the delays... If the rabbit comes out of the hat, we will be, I think, rewarded. If the rabbit comes out of the leg of the trousers, we could be figures of fun for a few days. Or worse. Maybe looking for a job...
"I think even though it looks like there's a lot of ill will against us, I think it'll turn around. If it's just spectacle, we will have failed. But if you can be moved, and if you believe these characters, and if Spider-Man outlives his fabulism and you really buy into the myth, it's a great American story."