U2 star Bono wowed JAY-Z and Beyonce in Monte Carlo by introducing them to James Bond.
The rocker was dining out with his family when the rapper spotted him and invited him to join his party at a swanky restaurant nearby.
Feeling underdressed in vest and jeans, the singer declined - but Jay-Z kept insisting his attire would not be a problem.
Bono was just about to join the rapper's party when he bumped into Monte Carlo regular and former 007 Roger Moore and his wife - and decided to invite them along.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I asked them if they'd like to say hello, knowing that if I arrived with Roger Moore, there's no way, even if it all went wrong, there's no way they're going to throw me out. He's the sharp-dressed man of sharp-dressed men, and he's with his beautiful wife.
"I walk up, we go up to the room... it's where Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra used to hang out. I know it very well, and sometimes I go there, but I'm here now in a vest and jeans, looking like Jay-Z's mechanic.
"I walk in, and there's a whole bunch (of people) - there's Beyonce, (music mogul) Lyor Cohen, and I just hear, 'It's motherf**kin' James Bond! It's James Bond, I'm hanging out with James Bond!'"
"I just think, 'What?' Then it just all starts to make sense to me; hip-hop is so James Bond - the cars, the planes, the suits, the dresses, the guns, and I had no idea. It was like bringing Picasso to a bunch of painters."