Iconic items belonging to U2 pair The Edge and Bono helped fetch $2.4 million (GBP1.2 million) yesterday (21Apr07) at an auction to benefit musicians who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. The Edge's beloved Gibson Les Paul guitar sold for $240,000 (GBP123,000), while Bono's sunglasses fetched $20,000 (GBP10,200) at New York's Hard Rock Cafe for Music Rising - a charity fund set up by The Edge after the 2005 natural disaster. Also sold belonging to the pair included The Edge's 1958 Gibson archtop guitar, which sold for $105,000 (GBP53,000), and Bono's autographed Irish Falcon Gretsch Guitar, which went for $180,000 (GBP92,000). The Edge says, "I have to say that it is a strange feeling to see some of your stuff up here." Other musical items sold were Jimi Hendrix's 1966 Red Fender Mustang guitar, Bill Clinton's saxophone and a pair of John Lennon's round sunglasses.