Tyson Beckford has told critics of his decision not to flee Hurricane Irma to ''go to hell''.

The 46-year-old model-turned-actor has defended his choice to remain at home during the tropical cyclone, which has devastated parts of the United States and the Caribbean, in the hope of proving assistance to his friends and family.

In a video clip published by TMZ, Tyson explains: ''You know, I'm getting a lot of people on social media saying, 'You're an idiot for staying.' But, you know, how do you leave your family? How do you do that?

''How do I say to my dad, 'Oh, dad, I didn't go check on my aunt. I flew to New York to go sit front row at some Fashion Week show.'

''That's my dad's favourite sister. So, people can go to hell, you know. I can't leave my family like that.

''People were like, 'Why did you stay, you're a celebrity?' At that point, celebrity has nothing to do with it, because at the end of the day, I can get killed just like anybody else. And it's like, where am I going to go? Run to Fashion Week while my people needed me?''

Tyson revealed he'd stocked up on vital supplies prior to the arrival of the cyclone and, on reflection, he insisted he made the right decision in opting to help his friends and family.

The Hollywood star shared: ''We have food, gas, cans of tuna, a container full of water ... I mean, we had at one point, 300 bottles of water in my Jeep that I was dropping off to all my family members and friends who didn't have anything.

''People needed people like us to stay here and help them, because my whole building needed me. It was just like, I'm glad I didn't leave.

''I made sure everyone had everything and that's what a community does. And that's the human thing to do.''